Nova Terra hosting  provides you with a managed server for hosting your web based software applications and can be accessed from any  internet connected computer from a secure site 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Benefits of Managed Hosting Solutions

  • Lower cost of maintaining an IT infrastructure.  You don’t worry about high electricity bills or electricity outages.
  • Nova Terra Hosting guarantees availability with backups in different locations for 24/7 access to your information
  • When the equipment breaks or needs repairs or maintenance, you don’t incur additional charges.
  • Managed hosting solutions aren’t “one-size fits all.” You get a specialized solution to meet the particular needs of your company.
  • There is always a live person on the phone when you need support. You always get alerts or a prompt phone call when something comes up. That tells you the provider is really keeping an eye on things.
  • For a company with a significant IT staff organization with many different business units and lots of technologies to support, being able to use a customized managed hosting solution to match up to a set of specific needs makes everyone’s lives that much easier.
  • For a startup company, a major IT solution can be up and running without hiring more staff and without any significant capital expenditure involved – particularly when the company relies on venture funding and is not yet “in the black.”
  • You can accelerate global expansion through a managed hosting provider with a global footprint rather than building data centers in-house and having to manage employees and third-party providers.