Nova Terra Solutions has a broad range of services tailored to your business objectives. We are committed to providing high quality services tailored for start-up businesses, medium size businesses, on up to enterprise businesses, to meet your customers’ needs. Finding the right solution for your business or organization can be difficult. We have the technical experience to provide you the right solutions that are tailored to your business, regardless of your company size. Our services help you reduce costs and complexity while increasing flexibility and Return on Investment (ROI).

As a provider of Information Technology (IT) services, Nova Terra Solutions delivers the most advanced solutions to public and private clients. Nova Terra Solutions performs an extensive range of IT support services. We provide IT consulting, software and systems development, data integration, enterprise life-cycle solutions, and IT infrastructure solutions. Functional capabilities include software engineering, cloud computing, 24/7/365 network operations center and help desk operations, database management, business intelligence, security, asset management, and mobile application development.


Nova Terra Solutions combines the strength of technology with a desire for effective service to provide solutions for 21st century problems.

Our Team

The Nova Terra Solutions team consists of professionals that are experts in diverse fields such as environmental, health, telecommunications and information technologies.


We believe respect for oneself and others is a foundational quality on which we build a trusted relationship with our clients.


We believe in results that best address the needs of the customers, so we will deliver quality solutions and strive to exceed customer expectations.


We believe everyone has the responsibility to make a difference, so we encourage initiative and creativity and are committed to investing in knowledge and expertise.


We believe customers are our business, so we hold ourselves accountable for a positive and professional customer experience.


To create enduring customer relationships by providing information management solutions through a deep understanding of customer objectives, with an authoritative vision of possibilities, and the relentless commitment to deliver successful solutions.

Our Core Values

At Nova Terra Solutions we hold our customer relationships as a trust that has to be nurtured and respected.


We believe success depends on the synergy created through the combination of individual talents and diverse ideas, so we will actively engage with coworkers and customers.


We believe in doing the right thing, always, so we will hold ourselves to the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards.

Quality matters

We believe that the quality of everything we do reflects on us and is essential to maintaining a long term relationship with our customers. More importantly, we do it right because that is the right thing to do.